frequently asked questions

How many people can I invite?

20.  If more than 20 attend a party, then it is $15/child extra.  Adults do not count towards the total count.

What is the flow of the party?

We start with playtime. We break for a mandatory break of at least 15 minutes half way through the party. Most parties use that time to eat. Afterwards, we go right back to play to maximize playtime.

What is the appropriate age for these types of parties?

Everyone loves our parties, but the ages that we are best suited for is 4-14.  Both boys and girls equally like the activities we provide.  

Who else will be using the gym during the party?

No one. You will have the entire gym (about 7,000 sq feet) on a private basis plus the middle area for food (about 1,500 sq feet). 

How early can I come to set up?

15 minutes.  Because we will break for food midway through the party, there is no rush to set up as the children will go right into playing at the beginning. 

Can I come earlier than 15 prior to the party?

No.  There will be other parties or classes prior to your party and they need their space as well. 

Will there be music?

Yes. Because you have the whole gym to yourself, you can supply a playlist through Bluetooth or CD, or we can put on some of our own jams. 

Do you provide the food?

No.  You can bring any food with you. Keep it as simple as pizza and cake or go all out with a four course meal. It's up to you.

Are there any pizza places nearby?

Yes.  Chesterland has wonderful pizza and many choices to pick from. Most people order sheet pizza from Georgio’s or Bada Bing.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. There is a $7 convenience fee.

How many themes can I pick?

Two. There is not enough time to do more than 2. 

What is the most popular theme?

Ninja Warrior.

What type and how many Nerf guns do you have?

We do not have any.  You provide the guns and ammunition while we provide the play area and safety glasses.


if you have any other questions, please call us. 

We are here to serve your needs.