winter Gymnastics CAMP


At United Gymnastics Camp, our #1 goal is to keep your kids active and excited the entire day! Kids will experience both structured practice of skills on each event, as well as a mixture of fun, games, and obstacles!  Therefore, every day will be different and consist of new activities and lesson plans! Games and contests will be tailored to the number of students we have for the day, as well as the age groups of our campers.

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·       Games and contests

·       Skills on all major events

·       Trampoline time

·       Obstacle courses

·       Stretching and Strength Training

·       Movie time during lunch hour to unwind and relax

·       Relay races incorporating gymnastics skills the kids worked on that day

·       Cool down times where gymnasts can relax and explore gym apparatuses they are curious about, with supervision of their coaches


*$50 deposit required for summer camps.   *  Limited spaces available.  

12 minimum / 25 maximum capacity

Each child is responsible for their own lunch each day.


What children say about our camp:

“I liked the games we played, like hockey and gaga ball. I also liked how you pushed us to do better. I also enjoyed the workout part. I thought the movie was okay, but should have been shorter so we have more time to play games and have free time. Overall I thought it was really fun.”- Claudia

"I like how you guys treat us all like family. You are all very kind. You give us all equal attention. I actually like line drills and stations because it makes me a better gymnast.  I wish we played more sports games like hockey or soccer. All in all, it was a fun camp." - Anonymous

"I loved it. I liked gagaball. I loved ships and sailors. Thank you. It's Amazing. I loved it.'" - Kayla

"I really liked the camp! I wish we could have had more time on the bars. I think there was a good balance of games and gymnastics. I think the blind running was really good. I think we should be able to pick what flip/trick we want to focus on during stations. Other than that everything was great!" - Abriella

"I loved this gymnastics camp, although I could not do anything but a cartwheel and somersault! But you all helped me out! I wish we could do more open gym and less warm ups." - Anonymous  

"I liked bars, games, trampoline, back handspring, front tuck, front handsprings. I suggest we do more gymnastics so we get to use it.  I love gymnastics and I hope I can do more in my life. I want thank Dmitri and Natasha for teaching me a lot of good moves and tricks." - Bianca

“I like how we did all fun games. My favorite game was ships and sailors. I think best movie we watched was Kicking and Screaming. It was really fun. And I like how did a gymnastics routine. I am so sore right now” – Lina

“I liked the back handspring and front handspring, trampoline, and the ball pit and the games and all the coaches are nice and I want to do it again.”- Sofia

“Loved doing gymnastics. Loved seeing you. People here are nice. Love hockey and jumping around” – Kayla

“I like to do the gymnastics routine with everyone! I like playing games and I would like to do a sleepover camp.” – Savannah

“I liked doing kickovers and I wish we could do more kickovers” – Isabelle

“I liked doing handstands a lot.” – Macie

“I think we should play more ships and sailors, and we should have a sleepover in the next camp!”-Ava

“I liked gaga ball, doing a sleepover would be fun. Vault more often, more jump through, and more front handspring practice.”- Valentino

“I really liked the games, a couple I liked were hockey, gaga ball, and ships and sailors. I liked the routine and learning how to do a back handspring.” – Olivia

“I really like doing front handsprings. I wish that there was more time for stations. I think overall the camp was awesome.” – Abriella

“I love the pizza. I don’t want to do the splits. I will really miss doing the back handspring” – Ell

“Overall it was a good experience. I learned a lot and hope to do it again. I liked the games you did to keep us focused. A little more learning and less games like 1-2.” – Lily

“I loved camp it was fun. I like playing dodgeball. I do not like running around the building. I am doing camp next year” – Vinny

“I really enjoyed this camp with all the fun things we did like dodgeball and learning the vaults and everything” – TJ

“I had fun playing gag ball and dodgeball. I liked the movie and doing flips.” – Asa

“My favorite thing was practicing for the show. I also really liked the games and dodgeball and gaga ball.” – Dominic

“I like Dodgeball. My favorite coach is Jay.” – Gia

“I loved playing gaga ball. It was really fun. When we watch movies I think we should all agree on one, or vote. I thought camp was really fun and I loved learning new things and practicing for the show.” – Ally

“It was awesome. I think we should have it every three weeks. Awesome” – Olivia

“I liked playing different sports and games. I also liked doing the show.” – Daniel

“I liked to jump over stuff and play all the games” – Andrew

“I think that there should be more games like tag. I did not like that sometimes you stopped the movie at the bad places. And I like that we got to play a lot of dodgeball. “ –Troy

“I liked doing the vaults, but I do not like doing burpees.” – Cam

“Learned a lot. Please more trampoline time. Learn more on trampoline. All of the teachers are great.” – James

“I liked it all. Including dodgeball and hockey.” – Brett

“I like the dodgeball and obstacle courses. I liked the coaches but I think there shouldn’t be a movie or a shorter one.” – Ryan

“I like it all. I like the workouts, also the dodgeball and obstacle courses.” – Nicky

“I love dodgeball, the movie and playing gaga ball.”- Evan

“I really enjoyed getting to meet new people especially Teagan.” – Desarae

“I really loved it here. My favorite activity was the obstacle course. This was a great opportunity, I had an awesome time.” – Teagan

“I liked the movie and gaga ball.” – Nat